Thursday, August 09, 2007

Create your own video wall for your blog or MySpace page and more....

Known as the Remote Control for the Video Web, blinkx has an index of over 14 million hours of video....the website claims to be the largest and most advanced video search engine. With "more than 200 media partnerships, including national broadcasters, commercial media giants, and private video libraries, it has cemented its position as the premier destination for online TV."

blinkx users can search for video content, create personal video playlists, or build a customized Video Wall for their blog or MySpace page. The search engine behind blinkx was developed by a Cambridge University computer science graduate, Suranga Chandratilleke.

blinkx has come a long way since its development in 2004. What makes blinkx unique is it has spiders that search the audio track of millions of videos and indexes them. As some audio tracks many not have words metadata is also indexed.

Teachers can build a video wall for their classroom blog that deals with their classroom content. Students can build personal playlists to help them with their research projects. Give it a try.

My video wall for Barry Bonds (below)...successfully hitting #756 and beating the all time record...may take a minute to load...your school firewall may have some of the videos blocked. Just click on the box to activate and as you move your mouse over the video images each one will expand.

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