Thursday, August 02, 2007

Should adults look at video games for their own brain development....

How many times have you stopped to look for the keys? I could have sworn I just set them down on the counter...... Starting to write reminders about your reminders? Find you are forgetting to read your sticki notes....that are usually posted somewhere near the front of your face?

I just read a great article from Scientific American Mind called "Circuit Training Computer games for mental workouts"

"If your brain is older than you, you should take note!" In a world where we worry about how old we look and what we eat (well at least most of us do).....should we worry about how old our brain is?

There are now several computer games available for adults in the market that are "brain training" for the older generation. "The challenge, to reduce one's brain age, is proving addictive among Japan's baby boomers, many of whom say their only contact with game consoles was limited to bemused glances over the shoulders of grandchildren. "(read more on this....)

Research has shown that we need to work our brains. There are no magic pills or "made for TV" machines that will do this for us.

Crossword puzzles are only part of the brain gym....the rigorous equipment you need (beyond the usual good good, rest and exercise) are challenging activities for the brain that will keep it producing neurons.

Some of the "brain training" software has said to help with: memory, language, motor skills, executive function (problem solving) and visual skills. Does it really work or is it another marketing ploy? Only time will tell.

We worry about our kids sitting in front of a computer game...but will they have a fitter mind and a better life in their old age than those of us that ran around outside playing "hide and seek?"

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Ari said...

This post posses an excellent question, with all the hype surrounding the new brain training phenomenon is it something we can really believe? The aprehension is absolutely understandable, for years it seems people have been advertising products which claim to aid in memory enhancement as we age, but without any scientific validation. I believe this time it is different, the baby boomer generation demands a certain efficacy when it comes validation. I believe this time it is different, the baby boomer generation demands a certain efficacy when it comes has a really unbelievable product, created by some incredible cognitive scientists, Their site posts studies they have done in a clear and understandable manner, making the science behind their products easier to understand. They also have an excellent informational site called the Brain Ftiness Channel, which has information on lifestyle, diet and other concepts as they relate to brain health both are good sites to take a look at. Thanks again!

BF said...

Hi Ari,
Thanks for the post :)

I think there will be a lot more coming onto the "market place" as this phenomenon starts to take off.

You know the old saying...if you don't use it you'll lose it. And I for one keep overloading this brain everyday to keep it challenged. No soap operas for this girl!