Wednesday, March 07, 2007

World Trends: Advertising & Marketing Ideas

Springwise has been one of my favourite sites for sometime.

Springwise works with volunteer spotters worldwide that spot & submit new business ideas to the website.

The idea database is FULL of amazing ideas. Great case studies for your students and great ideas to help springboard those young entrepreneurs.

Signing up for their free newsletter or sign up to become a Springwise spotter.


AdCracker is a tool to help in the concept development of a product, service or idea and how to market that.

There is a lot of content available for free on the website to help students through such topics as :
  • how to write a creative brief
  • marketing with your mouse clicks
  • how to position something in the market
  • communication strategies
  • how to write an ad plan
  • how ads make people think, feel, or act

Many more topics to explore along with their hunt for the worlds top 10 ads (TV, print and radio.)


DineshKaku said...

Hey Brenda,

I have been looking up at this site for last one year and true it has some amazing ideas... Its so suprising that lot of people come up with an idea and disregard it thinking it to be too simple or something to laugh about... but this website tells you the true story... no idea is simple or foolish....

BF said...

Hi Dinesh, I couldn't agree more. I think this site is great for helping that "budding" innovator to take the next step with their ideas. I have used this site with my senior multimedia students and have used a lot of the samples as case studies.

Miguel said...

What a nifty idea to use this with students!

Thanks for sharing, Brenda and BF!

Miguel Guhlin
Around the

BF said...

Cheers Miguel!