Friday, March 09, 2007

Architecture - A web perspective

Great website, great website, great website! So, do you think I like this one?

Architect Studio 3D is an online and interactive website where students can learn about Frank Lloyd Wright and become an architect and design a virtual house using the interactive Design Studio.

The user can work through a process in the design studio:

  • choose a client,
  • a house location
  • design exterior
  • interior
  • landscaping
  • then tour your finished home.

The About Architecture includes the architect's handbook and designing for people & places. Inspiration and tips for the budding architect!


Donald A. Gardner Architects Inc. is one of the leading residential house plan designers in North America. Their website offers hundreds of house plans for students to discover.

Every house plan gives a description of the house, floor plans, alternative view (sketched or photographs), specifications, pricing (US $), ability to compare plans, and reverse the floorplan if desired.

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