Monday, March 19, 2007

Preparing students for future jobs that don't exist yet....

Last year I wrote about "What is the third space?" - which you can still read about on the side bar of each page in my blog "Things for Thought." At the end of the writing I wrote "Remember.....most of the jobs we are preparing our students for don't even exist yet."

A perfect example of this type of entrepreneurial future is a website I came across called Meat Team - Values in Motion. It is developed directly from the YouTube technology and success.

The belief is through the use of internal communications such as "internal tv (video programming) for, by and about your organization" a strong culture of success can be fostered. In other words have your CEO or principal on video talking about the positive aspects on being an employee for this organization.

An interesting marketing model: The MeatTeam meets the company, writes a series of scripts/stories about the company culture, sends camera equipment out to your company (which your own employees video), equipment gets sent back for MeatTeam to edit and then MeatTeam optimizes the various video stories to work on your internal/external network.

Great concept! From my own personal experience most companies/organizations really have a hard time identifying and projecting their culture/story onto the web. I found it took an outside view to watch and ask the questions to really get to the heart of what the organization culture was and what it looked like.

Video has always been a powerful medium. With the increase in broadband speed and the ability to produce great quality video even in the comfort of your home....this seems like the most natural progression.

Great model to study in a business class. Since podcasting has moved on from audio to video, many classrooms are now V-Casting and producing video teacher lectures, classroom skills, labs, etc... For example in our school I am working with the science department towards developing a video library for the students for science experiments. The students will have access to these 24/7 to view before the lab, during the lab, and after the lab for review.

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