Friday, March 16, 2007

Bridge to Classroom: Engineering for Earthquakes

A new bridge is being built in the Bay area of San Francisco California and is a website that takes you on a journey from early 1900's to present day bridge construction.

This site has an amazing amount of information on bridge construction and also how to construct a bridge in an earthquake zone. With a tour of the history of the original Bay Bridge, photo galleries of the present build and interactive models makes this site a great classroom resource.

One of the stars of the site (from an educators point of view) is the classroom area called
Build your own bridge.

Build your own bridge to see if it will withstand a large seismic event. Learn about what causes earthquakes and look at new technologies that are now part of the design of bridges.

Note: The interactive "build your bridge" may load a bit slowly at the start....but it is worth the wait (or have it preloaded before class).

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