Tuesday, March 06, 2007

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Video Gaming 101 now a part of a medical doctor's training?

A recent study done at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York revealed that doctors who had played video games had less errors in the surgical test and performed it faster than those who had not.

Laparoscopy and related surgeries involve manipulating instruments through a small incision or body opening where the surgeon's movements are guided by watching a television screen.

The results of the study supported previous findings that playing video games helped perfect "fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, visual attention, depth perception and computer competency."

Researchers stated there is a definite possibility that medical "gaming" will become a part of a doctors training. They went on to further state this does not mean parents should let their kids play hours of gaming......sorry kids.

Article from Yahoo news....

Book Review: the kids are alright:
How the Gamer Generation is Changing the Workplace
by John C. Beck and Mitchell Wade
website: http://www.gotgamebook.com/

This book is an interesting read for parents and educators. It supports what many companies and learning insititutions are finding....that gaming isn't just for kids. Gaming simulations are showing up in the boardroom, in the medical classroom and in business.

"Gamers have amassed thousands of hours of rapidly analyzing new situations, interacting with characters they don't really know, and solving problems quickly and independently." (p. 80) "...gamer generation is more likely to believe that competition is the law of nature." "...(gamers) care more about the organizations they work for..." (p. 82)

After reading this book you may question: do we need to look at how we challenge students in their learning and in the classroom?

Your cellphone can now answer your door when you are not home.

This story proves what a powerful tool our cellphone is becoming. A dutch wireless company is starting to sell a GSM (global systems for mobility) wireless doorbell that will interface with your cellphone.

If you are not home and someone rings your GSM doorbell you will still be able to "answer your doorbell, talk to visitors, and even open the door, whether they are at home or not. All via your mobile phone."

The article explores the benefits of this technology: kids that get locked out of the house, package deliveries, homecare nurses easily accessing a patient.....is it just me or does this technology make anyone else a little nervous?

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